Our Vision

We have developed a technology to generate coffee biocomposites from "coffee grounds" that are discharged when coffee is made and are currently discarded as they are. By processing into various products used in many scenes, it contributes to the reduction of coffee waste and plastic products, and is developed with the aim of contributing to the responsibility created and used by the SDGs and achieving both business. Is proceeding.

Our Vision

Our Vision
>Our Mission

Our Mission

We will raise our responsibility and awareness of environmental protection and strive to build a sustainable ecosystem through the development of products that are needed by the world.
We will disseminate our technology and systems to the world and contribute to improving the amount of recycling in each region.

>Our Mission

Eco-friendly factory

Our factory is always conscious of improving the quality of our products, and we continue to make improvements and efforts to
achieve both environmental protection and business so as not to put a burden on the environment when developing our products.



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